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Agrell Ian Master carver Feb 2017
Alger Jennifer Far West Forest Products/Wood-Mizer CA June 2015
Ashby Ron Shellac Oct 2015
Baldon Russel Chair: Furniture Program, California College of the Arts May 2013
Bauer Steven Wood finishing April 2017
Beauchamp Robert The Redwood man Nov 2019
Beauchamp Robert Melrina's Wall Uni May 2023
Biggart Dave Mohawk Wood finishing products Jan 2012
Blackmore John The Leigh Dovetail Jig July 2011
Blackmore John Furniture for his home office Oct 2015
Blackmore Johnt Sharpening Oct 2016
Blackmore John Chair Joints Oct 2012
Bosworth George Setting Up Your Garage Woodworking Shop Nov 2010
Brandborg Torin Furnature maker and designer August 2017
Bremer Xander Woodworker, Furniture maker, Designer Feb 2016
Bray Mike The power of circular saws cutting sheet goods June 2017
Bray Mike Spoon Carving and more May 2021
Bray Mike Riving a tree into boards to make a cabinet< Aug 2011
Burt John Master Woodworker and Blacksmith Mar 2014
Butler Barbara Extraordinary Tree houses & Play structures for Kids Mar 2011
Buxton Jamie Building a fancy bathroom unit July 2019
Buxton Jamie, McCormack John, Ramsay Frank Mortise and Tenon joints and furniture joinery Aug 2012
Champagne Arnold


Oct 2016
Champagne Arnold His approach to designing and constructing wood projects. Jan 2016
Dominique Charmot My Journey in woodworking From Chapo, via Thos Moser to Hector Guimard April 2022
Chan Yeung Classic Chinese Chair Design Interpretation April 2012
Chan Yeung Ming dynasty style tables May 2015
Chan Yeung Roller foot stool June 2010
Chan Yeung The making of a Ming dynasty stool April 2016
Yeung Chan Ming Chair September 2022
Coalter Chance Veneering Dec 2020
Coalter Chance His work Sept 2020
Dzenitis John Mail box inspired and Kumiko wine boxes January 2022
Darr Bob Arques School of Boat Building. Sausalito Aug 2018
Discoe Paul Founder and principal of Joinery Structures Aug 2015

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Featured Speaker Topic (click for link) Date
Edwards Patrick His Treasure box series and French Marquetry Oct 2018
Edwards Patrick Old Brown Glue Oct 2021
Economaki John Bridge City Tools Feb 2012
Fay Ted Finishing Fine Furniture Sepember 2012
Fay Ted Brush and wipe-on finishes Aug 2015
Felperin Karl Furniture Maker and Designer Feb 2014
Forster Jason Japanese Woodworking Nov 2021
Fryer Kevin Making a harpsicords Mar 2012
Fryer Kevin Harpsicords:Building and the finishing techniques Mar 2017
Gaston Tom Workshop safety and first aid December 2017
Gaston Tom Wood Carving August 2019
Gaston Tom Marquetey and Parquety September 2021
Gaston Tom Raspatory Diseases in Woodworkers eee 2010
Godcharles Claude College of the Redwoods Mar 2010
Godcharles Claude Setting Up Your Garage Woodworking Shop Nov 2010
Goykhman Fred Laser engraving Aug 2016
Gunderson Jim Ritchie Highschool teacher & woodworking instructor Feb 2015

H - M


Featured Speaker Topic (click for link) Date
Harpainter Mark Art conservation and the media specialty of wood Feb 2018
Hays Dennis Maloof Foundation Oct 2016
Hays Dennis Some of his work Oct 2020
Heitzman Roger Designer/Artisian August 2014
Henzel Bill Making Home Furniture Link wrong May 2012
Hernandez Mauro, Bill Holloway Masterworks wooden bicycles Feb 2012
Horner Ken Essential Guide to the Steel Square Dec 2010
Hovey Juan (aka Juan Vergara) Maker of fine infill hand planes Dec 2013
Joshua Salesin Vacuum Kiln Drying for Woodworkers Feb 2010
Johnson Roland How to Color Wood Jan 2021
Kaplin Jon, Worthington-Levy lloyd, Kreitsky Paul CAD / CNC Machines Aug 2021
Kaplin Jon What I have leaned from cutting lots of dovtails June 2020
Kaplin Jon CNC Woodworking June 2019
Kern Lou Furniture maker Jan 2013
Killen Tim Sketch-up July 2018
Killen Tim Shaker boxe October 2022
Klayman Toby Marketing your Arts and Crafts
Koski Jane, Cunba Peter San Francisco Cable Car Shop June 2016
Lavine John Chinese and Japanese Joinery Oct 2011
Lavine John Wood Worker, Editor, Teacher, Show Judge May 2015
Lavine Jon China and Japan Joinary/a> May 2019
Lavine John Discussing his work Oct 2017
Lubell Bernie Artist and sculptor in wood Mar 2013
Mark Christiansen Wooden Window in Oakland Sep 2015
Martin Loy Davis Designer & Furniture Maker Jan 2913
Mays Laura Fine Woodworking Program College of the Redwoods April 2013
McCrystal Eric Making turned wooden mugs November 2022
McCormack John The Wooden Boat School, in Brooklin, ME. Feb 2013
McCormack John His lifetime of woodworking projects and those who have influenced him Mar 2016
McCormack John Making Queen Ann, Windsor and other chairs Mar 2010
Moldovan John Master Chair Maker Jun 2013
Muir John The building of a Chinee shrimp fishing boat: the Grace Quan May 2011

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Featured Speaker Topic (click for link) Date
Napoir Ken < Reproducing Antiques Furniture July 2014
Napoir Ken Finishing May 2016/td>
Napoir Ken Polishing April 2019
Napoir Ken Reproducing Antique Furniture(2) April 2021
Naples Don The Annual Hand Plane Seminar Oct 2010
Naples Don Steam Bending July 2010
Naples Don Sharpening Nov 2017
Newell Brian Designer and maker of furniture with compound curved panels joined with floating splines, incorporate wood carving and be made of exquisite wood. Nov 2020
Newell Brian Furniture Maker based in Fort Bragg, Kernov inspired cabinets and beyond June 2011
Nisbett Bob Construction using dowels Aug 2010
Olson Allan Matthew Turner, Educational Tall Ship, being built in Sausalito July 2015
Patterson Harold, White Neal Hide Glue, pros and cons and how-to Apr 2015
Patterson Harold Toy Workshops and Hand Plains< Sept 2016
Patterson Harold Router Jigs and Techniques Sept 2011
Patterson Harold, White Neal Hide Glue, pros and cons and how-to Apr 2015
Patterson Harold Toy Workshops and Hand Plains< Sept 2016
Peartm Darrll Greene and Greene style furniture Feb 2021
Perrine Jay, Bosworth George, Godcharles Charles Setting Up Your Garage Woodworking Shop Nov 2010
Perrine Jay, Gaston Tom Cutting Edge First Aid Sept 2013
Powell Bruce Marquetry rbd 2016
Powell Bruce Extreme steam bending and coopering to build a China cabinet Mar 2018
Powell Bruce Jigs and Fixtures Oct 2019

Ramsay Frank A brief revew on the history of BAWA Jan 2017
Ramsay Frank Design without rulers or squares Jan 2018
Ramsay Frank The making of many Walnut Wine Boxes June 2023
Rustin Jared Creator of modern, solid-wood furniture, sculpture, and artwork Nov 2021
Taylor Frank Everything About Routers in 90 Seconds July 2011
Schurch Paul Master furniture maker and teacher eee 2010
Schurch Paul Master furniture maker and teacher June 2021
Sauer Jon Master Turner May 2017
Shelly John R. Extension Specialist, University of California Forest Products Laboratory Nov 2013
Shelly John R. FPI in Canada mission to add value to raw lumber July 2017
Strickland Morgan TV-lift cabinet with Kumiko and more July 2022
Sullivan Dennis Architecture with a focus on how /where wood is being used Oct 2016

T - Z


Featured Speaker Topic (click for link) Date
Tindley Mark Copying a Stradivarious Sepv2018
Tindley Mark Building Tables in the Greene and Greene Style Feb 2018
Wallace Michael Mid Century Modern Furniture Oct 2018
Wallace Michael Shaker Legacy June 2018
Wallace Michael Greene brothers and how they've become the Masters of Arts and Crafts furniture Dec 2019
Wallace Michael "Shaker Legacy" July 2020
White Larry Artist and a craftsman spanning nearly 45 years inclding working with Sam Maloof Dec 2018
White Neil, Patterson Harold Hide Glue, pros and cons and how-to March 2015
Worthington-Levy Lloyd Standing Desk March 2023
Worthington-Levy Lloyd Design and construction of a side table March 2023
Wynn Scott Furniture design and development eee 2010
Wynn Scott Handsaws eee 2010
Wynn Scott Metal Stanley/Bailey planes eee 2010
Wynn Scott Designing and Fabricating Metal Parts for Furniture: Using Steel, Brass and Aluminium May 2018
Wynn Scott Author of Woodworkers Guide to Hand Planes eee 2010
Wynn Scott The design and building of a set of custom dinning chairs March 2022
Yamamoto Dennis Construction of a Cherry Console February 2022
Vogel Tom Kumiko Zaiku Sept 2019
Weiss Chris Japanese Woodworking Tools, their sharpening and tuning Oct 2014
Weiss Chris Using live-edge slabs Jan 2019
Weiss Chris Master Builder and co-founder of MRCW Design/Build June 2014



Featured Speaker Topic (click for link) Date