Newsletter January 2023

January 15th 2023 BAWA Hybrid Meeting

The evening was called to order by President Frank Ramsay

Guests: Beth Dzenitis, Shawn from Oakland, and Steve Hannah


Jon Kaplan stated that the club has only 15 members who have renewed their membership. Please pay your membership dues.

Frank mentioned that you can pay your dues online or by mail.

Paul talked about upcoming speakers.

February: Steve Baumer will talk about finishing.

March: Lloyd and Bruce will be the speakers.


John Dzenitis
Diablo Woodworkers

John talked about his mailbox based wine rack then the design and building of the kumiko-related Liese Wine Cabinet he made for a client.

Mailbox based Wine Cabinet

Liese Wine Cabinet

He started with a slide show that showed the obsolete mailbox arrays that were removed from an apartment complex. He bought these and made them into wine racks. Then he went on to show us the process he went through to come up with the design for the kumiko-related Wine Cabinet.

The most creative part of the design was arriving at a "snub-square" arrangement of packing the cubicles for the wine bottles.
He used SketchUp extensively during the process. Once he settled on a final design, he drew and dimensioned all the pieces in SketchUp.
The wine cabinet uses 1/4" thick x 1-1/4" wide maple in the kumiko portion. These are cut on the tablesaw using a custom made sled. The sled has one runner and can be used in either of the two tablesaw slots. In one slot he cuts 90 degree cuts, in the other slot he cuts 60 degree bevels.

Matt Kenney's woodworking book was helpful when he designed the tablesaw sleds. John emphasized the importance of precision in cutting the parts.

The top of the cabinet has parquetry veneer.
Snub square tiling is the name of the pattern
Cherry for the squares and maple for the triangles.

Craig Thibodeau wrote The Craft of Veneering, which John found helpful when he was learning about veneering.

He cut the commercial veneer with a knife and used Titebond I to glue it to the substrate. He used his vacuum bag to clamp the veneer. John made the cabinet frame from cherry and finished the piece with shellac and three coats of Danish Oil.

He mentioned that he has two more wine cabinets for sale. One of which was fumed cherry darkened with ammonia.

Check his websites and


Show and Tell

Max Goldstein

Max brought in a cleat glued with cyanoacrylate
And showed how it broke and got destroyed in his miter saw.

Fortunately, he did not get injured as he was using a push stick.

(Editors Note: Is it time for another Safety class?)

He also showed a raised cutting board with a removeable steel tray that catches the discarded food scraps.

Max also showed the purple heart boards he is donating to the club. (they are now up on Silent Auction).

Yeung Chan

Yeung showed photos of his completed wooden boat that we are hoping to see in person in the early spring.

Tom Gaston

Tom showed photos of the coffee table he made from a slab of resin vein eucalyptus.
He filled some of the veins with ground turquoise, using CA glue and sawdust as binding agent.
Its supported by 5 legs, which are attached with bridle joints and can be removed.
The legs are white oak blackened using steel soaked in vinegar.

Minutes by Burt Rosensweig