Newsletter July 2022

President's Message

John Hickman

A few days just before the meeting we heard the sad news that John Hickman, who had been a BAWA member for several years, had died on July 1st.

In thinking of John I remember the occasion when he became the first (and only as far as I know) member of our organization, to work as a height model, albeit for only a few moments.

During the setup of our 2016 BAWA Show, John volunteered to help move the exhibits in front of the backcloth in so they could be photographed.

There was one exhibit, a 10-drawer skinny dresser, that was 65 in. high and the photographer wanted to photograph it in a way that would indicate it's height. John volunteered, or was persuaded, to stand next to give it some perspective.

We will miss him as a member.

We signed and sent a card with our sympathies to his wife, Adrienne, and family

There will be a memorial service on August 27th, Details will be sent out when they become available

Contact at:


July 17th 2022 BAWA Hybrid Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Frank Ramsay



In August, instead of our normal meeting, we will have the 2nd Annual BAWA Members Picnic


Sunday August 21st at Twin Pines Park in Belmont.
BAWA will provide the main hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks.
Members are requested to bring a side dish:
salad or dessert or cheese and crackers, etc.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park.

Further details and the Event sign-up to follow.

Harry Filer announced a toy workshop which will be building animated pull toys.

(Since the meeting has been announced it will be at Bill Henzel's workshop located at:
14928 Ridgetop Drive,
San Jose 95127.
Phone number 408-2541175.
Date: Oct. 8th
9 AM to 5 PM.
Please email Harry Filer at: if you plan to attend or would like more details


Guest Speaker
Morgan Strickland

Morgan started fine woodworking only 4 years ago when he took the Gary Rogowski's week-long class in Portland.

He credits Tim Killen from Mt Diablo Adult Education woodworking class as one of his tutors and inspirations.

Morgan likes to begin a project with hand drawn sketches and then uses SketchUp to create dimensioned drawings.

Some examples of Morgan's work he showed

TV-lift cabinet with Kumiko

Morgan's TV lift cabinet is made from Oregon Walnut.
The front of it has Kumiko designs on each of the three door panels.

Made with full mortise and tenon joinery

Morgan cut his own Walnut and Cedar veneers.

Inside back of the cabinet has Port Orford Cedar veneer.

"I was also given a lot of advice from a talented teacher about wood movement, so there are slotted screw holes attaching the 'corbels' to the back panel, allowing for the panel to move vertically"

The cabinet is 62" wide and is made from walnut veneer over Baltic Birch cores.

Any voids in the Walnut were filled with coffee-stained filler.

The top is attached to the sides with half-blind dovetails that are visible from the side, but not from the top.

A 55" flat screen TV rises up from within the cabinet via a remote control.

The Jewel

Next Morgan showed us the convex curved sided jewelry box he made for his wife.

It has six drawers that have no drawer pull.

The drawers have a rare earth magnet embedded in them and he made a knob with a magnet in it that is used to open the drawers.

The knob is stored in the top of the box under the flip up lid.

The sides of the box open to reveal hooks for hanging the necklaces.

Morgan has a video on YouTube and Instagram showing how it opens. See the links below.

The Mailbox

Next he showed the ebony-veneered "Mailbox",a cabinet with a hole in the back sized to back up to the house mail slot so that letters left by mailman would fall into the ebony mailbox.

After showing some of his furniture pieces Morgan took us, by means of a live feed from his iPhone, on a tour of his shop at the house in Ashland Origon and showed us the tools he made for the Kumiko panels plus the tool cabinets and the workbench he made.

Below are Morgan's are links to his Bio, website and social media channels where you can see more details of his work:

About Morgan Strickland

morgan strickland youtube /

About Morgan Strickland


Show and Tell

Laura Rhodes

Laura showed us the walnut and curly maple box with 2 drawers.
She hand sawed the wood and hand cut the half blind dovetails
on the box top and drawer fronts.

Harry Filer

Harry showed us the toy toolbox he made
He plans to build these at the toy workshop.

Plus a box he had made with a section of old growth root as a handle

Tom Gaston

Tom showed us the urn he made from Curly Maple
with chemically darkened Fir legs.

Yeung Chen

Yeung showed photos of the wooden rowboat he is building.
The design is about 100 years old.
He said the boat will weigh about 200 pounds and hopes to finish it this fall.


Silent Auction

Harry Filer brought in his router lift

Unfortunatley we did not get an offer during the Silent Auction, but it is still available and we will consider any reasonable offer we receive

Send me an email at:



Minutes by Burt Rosensweig