Newsletter June 2024

BAWA Hybrid Zoom Meeting June 23rd 2024
The meeting held at the Palo Alto Adult School

The meeting was called to order by Frank Ramsay.

Program Announcements – Paul Krenitsky

We have a good number of membebes in atendance

Program Announcements – Paul Krenitsky

Sunday July 23rd; Show judges will be at the meeting to discuss each of the show entries.

Saturday July 27: 3pm we will visit the Global Wood Source in Campbell, 3pm.

Sunday August 18th: Blake Webber will be our speaker.

Sunday Septrmbrd: 22td: Annual Picnic at Twin Pines Park in Belmont.

Sunday December 8th: Annual Holiday Party and Ornament Challenge.

Laura Rhodes talked about the BAWA Fine Woodworking Show.

She said we had 56 entries.
She thanked everyone who participated including organizers Jon, Paul, Bruce, Frank, and Burt.

Dennis Yamamoto brought in a number of veneers that he cut
and wanted to donate to the club.
Bruce bought them all.

Claude Godcharles brought in a bunch of old wooden planes
that he was hoping to sell or give away.
Some were molding planes.


Pictures from our great visit to Dennis Yamotto's workshop om 15 June


John Reinhart, Claude Godcharles and Sumit Roy

John Reinhart

John learned sharpening techniques at the Krenov school.

John says you can create a mirror polished finish on the back of the chisel or plane iron using successively finer water stone grits all the way up to 8000 grit.

Everone watchinging John

Hand powered grinding wheel

He laps the backside to a distance of about 1/2" to 1" from the cutting edge

The backside gets lapped only once, while the primary bevel gets sharpened repeatedly. When starting to lap the backside, John will often hold the blade at an angle of 30-45 degrees instead of perpendicular to the side of the stone. That way it is easier to tell if the next finer grit has removed all the scratches from the first coarse grit stone. He will often attach a strip of adhesive backed sand paper to a known flat surface and rub the blade against it to flatten the blade backside before moving on to a waterstone.

When grinding the primary bevel, a hand powered grinding wheel has the advantage of turning slow enough to avoid overheating the cutting edge and causing a loss of hardness. Grinding on a wheel creates a concave hollow grind that is followed up with graduated flat water stones.

The hollow grind is considered a timesaver in that the secondary bevel is much smaller than the whole length of the primary bevel.

The secondary or microbevel can extend only 1/64" from the edge of the blade. John says he knows the sharpening is sufficient when a burr can be felt on the backside.

John uses Norton waterstones with 1000, 4000, and 8000 grit. A diamond flattening stone is used to flatten a waterstone that is no longer flat.

The diamond stone grit is between 120 and 180. John uses a Lie Nielsen honing guide, but any honing guide will work to maintain the correct blade angle on the stone.

Claude Godcharles

Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener

Extra glass discs and attach successively finer grits

Claude showed us the Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener.
You can buy extra glass discs and attach successively finer grits to them.
The disc turns at a slow speed to minimize the risk of overheating the cutting edge.
The sharpener holds the blade at precise angles.


Show and Tell

Dennis Yamamoto

Dennis brought in a small cabinet with gently curved Redwood doors and Mahogany sides

Laura Rhodes

Laura brought in a turtle pull toy with bobbing head and tail.


Box Making Challenge

Sumit showed seven boxes he had made including,
this Japanise inspired box
Many of his boxes where the results of exploring
diferent ways to build them

Box for holding spokeshaves.

Box made from Spalted Maple

Jon Kaplan

Jon brought in his heart shaped bandsawn box made of Cherry.

Laura Rhodes


Laura brought in a turned Cherry box with Spalted inset top.

Dennis Stewart

Dennis brought in a very nice box that he made.

David Olney

He also brought in a pencil box
made from a discarded bed frame.

Laura brought in refreshments

Comment from a member:

I really liked being a Zoom participant on this month's meeting.
Plenty to see and it looked like a wood shop so comforting.
Any chance that BAWA can start using the PAAS regularly?"

Minutes by Burt Rosensweig