- Newsletter April 2024

Newsletter April 2024

BAWA Hybrid Zoom Meeting April 21st. 2024

The meeting was called to order by Frank Ramsay.

Program Announcements – Paul Krenitsky

Paul announced that Jack West of Eggtooth Originals, will be our May speaker.

He reminded us that we will have a box challenge at the June meeting, the 2x4 challenge at the September or October meeting, and the ornament challenge at the December meeting.

September meeting will be our Annual Members Picnic again.

Laura brought in Woodworking Show post cards and reminded everyone that our Woodworking Show will be at Woodcraft, San Carlos, from Friday June 7th to Sunday June 9th.

Frank had Jon show photos of our past Woodworking Show entries that are on the our website.


Featured Speaker
Bruce Powell

Paul introduced our speaker, Bruce Powell who talked about a recent cabinet he built for a commission.

The wood ready for the project to start

A set of legs

The frame assembly

The cabinet was made from Claro Walnut
with Baltic Birch plywood (1/2in. Maple and 1/4in. Walnut face)
plus Quilted Maple and Walnut veneers, Peruvian Walnut
and construction grade plywood

The wood was purchased from MacBeath Hardwoods in Stockton.

Bruce used Maple and Walnut veneers for the side panels.
and the top and bottom of cabinet are frame and panel construction.

He wanted to emulate the Ming Dynasty style of joinery, so he made three way mitered and mortised joints.

He brought the practice pieces showing just how complicated the joinery is.

Ming Dynasty cabinets

Fine Woodworking article
on making the Chinese three way joints

3-way corner joint

These joints are labor intensive, requiring many cuts, and require keeping track of which joint goes where.

The two sliding doors on the front have Walnut sliding surfaces and Quilted Maple panels.
One of the doors has a marquetry insert on it.

Bruce said that it took him about 3 months to complete the project.


Show and Tell

Frank Ramsay

Frank brought in the Bay Area Woodworking sign that was made many years ago.
It is hand carved and four or five feet long made by Mike Bray an ex-President of BAWA

Paul Krenitsky

Paul showed the speaker stand he made.
He designed it in Sketchup and made it out of scrap wood so he could get the opinions of members, before committing to hardwood.
Everyone seemed happy with the shape, and they made suggestion as to how to hide the speaker wire.

He also brought in a few pieces glued with end grain to end grain and
asked members to try to break the joints and no one was successful.
His point was to demonstrate how strong end grain joints can be with modern adhesives.

The Titebond III end grain joint

Attempting, and failing, to break the joint

Lloyd Worthington-Levy

Lloyd brought in two Japanese toolbox style boxes he made. One had a marquetry top.
He noted that all pieces must be carefully aligned in order to avoid having gaps show on the top.

Jon Kaplan

Jon brought in an indoor planter box he made. He hand cut the dovetail joints and it is clear that he has become proficient in hand cutting dovetails - there were no gaps visible. He was not sure what wood he used, so he asked for members' opinions.

Max Goldstein

Max brought in three boxes he made.
Two had myrtle wood inserts on the tops.
The remainder of the two boxes were made from cedar and cherry.
The third smaller box was made from quilted maple and Wenge
He also brought in a four position mechanical pencil holder. Each of the four positions has a different color pencil support.

Burt Rosensweig

Burt brought in a drawer from the six drawer captain's bed he made for his daughter some twenty years ago.
The drawer fronts are birch, as is the remainder of the bed and headboard.
The drawers use a sliding dovetail joint to the drawer sides.
He showed slides of the bed under construction and the finished bed.
Minwax stain and polyurethane were used to finish the bed.

Frank Ramsay

Frank talked about the high cost of disposing of wood and other things from his workshop.
He had to vacate the space he was in and break down numerous wood shelves and storage cupboards.
The charges for dumping the 2 van loads above in to recycling tips was about $2OO
"I am sure it is not much less than I paid for it when I bought it new from Home Depot".

Minutes by Burt Rosensweig