Newsletter September 2023

BAWA Annual Members Picnic 10th. September 2023
Twin Pines Park, Belmont

The main event

Grill Master Paul

The Planing Challenge

The Challengers


Paul waxing

Yeung using a long bronze plane he had made

Burt checking flatness


Frank trying to exert pressure

Paul trueing up the edge

The Results

Paul, Yeung, and Laura got shavings .002" thick.
Max and Jon got shavings just under .003" thick.
Yeung got a 32" long shaving.
Paul and Jon were able to get a 20" long shaving.
Yeung got one shaving .0013" thick and 28" long.
Yeung was the only one who could get a good shaving using only one hand on the plane.

Note: This was our first ever planing challenge
We used a 3ft long piece of timber for the contest

There was a 6ft. length in reserve - maybe next year?

The Observers 



Lisa & Teresa


Pictures and official measurements by Burt Rosensweig