Newsletter January 2020

Presidents Message

Fellow woodworkers

I have been looking back over the meetings we had 2019. With Guest Speakers, Demonstrations, Show and Tell and visits etc. we had insights to a broad spectrum of woodworking. Below are some pictures from the year. If you want to see more go to our website and look under Publications at Past Newsletters.

Improving our sharpening skills

Discussing jigs and fixtures.

Learning about the Central Amerian Jabuticaba tree

Using a router to cut a ceiling ornament

Practical session on polishing

Star entry in grand molding contest

Japanese joinery

Building a fancy bathroom unit

Museum of Wood Culture in Kobe

Learning about Kumik Zaiku; a lamp with panels made in the Asanoha style.

Californian Black Walnut set of dinning chairs

Model of a building that was part of the 1939 World's Fair on Treasure Island.

Members tool chest

Front door

Visit to a wood yard

Box contest

Handmade bronze plane

Wooden clock gears made on a home made CNC machine

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year
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Last Meeting

This was the evening of the annual holiday pot luck and there was no shortage of good food to eat during the whole meeting. Thank you to all the members who participated.


Guests: Sam Hutkins from Belmont

Upcoming Meetings:

Frank announced that Paul Krentsky had volunteered to be our new Program Director.

Paul asked the membership what they would like to do for meeting talks and shop tours. He is working on our program for 2020 and an announcement about 2020 meetings will be sent out in the new year, meanwhile a calender of the dates are on our website.


Harry Filer said we made over 60 toy box/treasure chests that will be donated to two charities. The Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco will get some of the toys and the Saint Francis Center in Redwood City will get the remainder.

Jamie Buxton built 7 wooden race cars with the help of his grand nephew. He brought in one bare wood one and everyone was impressed with its sleek looks.

We collected enough money from members to raffle off the 2" thick Walnut slab. The money goes to the BAWA treasury. Jay Perrine won the raffle.

Frank brought up the fact that we will have a BAWA show in 2020 and asked if we should have it at the Woodcraft store again or have it at the Foster City Recreation Center. Members preferred the security aspect of the Woodcraft store.


Christmas Ornament Challenge

Organized by Aaron Blohowiak

Frank Ramsay showed his bird in a Mahogany cage.

Jon Kaplan showed his Christmas Tree that swings around, and his modern folding menorah made from Cherry wood.

Per Madsen showed his trivets and snowflake which resembled a Jewish star.
With chocolate reward tokens

Bill Henzel showed off his pull toy whales, rabbits, and Walnut dinosaur and turtle, all of which he planned to donate to BAWA toys.

Claude Godcharles showed us his five small turnings including one made from a seed pod.

Burt Rosensweig showed his turning that he made on a metal lathe. He also brought in an aluminum live center he made for holding wood turnings in his metal lathe.

Ornament (anonymous)


Aaron brought several boxes of Ghiradelli individually wrapped Chocolates which were provided as tokens to the members to distribute among
the many entries based on how the members judged the merits of the ornaments.


Show and Tell

John Blackmore showed his cabinet face pieces which he made from Macacauba (Mahogany) faced Birch plywood.
He made this for his son's house in Santa Cruz.

Minutes by Burt Rosensweig