Newsletter July 2020

President's Message

Enjoy your woodwork
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August 2020 BAWA Zoom Meeting


The meeting was called to order by President Frank Ramsay at 6:06 PM.

Frank received an email from a lady offering BAWA a handmade cradle that had been made by her father who has passed away. She wanted to donated it to in order that the wood can be re-purposed.
(Update: Harry Filler has picked up the cot and the wood will be used by our by Toy Workshop)

Frank also received a message from a lady who wishes to sell her husband's shop equipment.

(Update The tools are still being catalogued)

Foster City will remain closed through September so Zoom meetings will continue.

Jamie Buxton announced the 2x4 contest will take place over Zoom in October so all need to find a suitable 8-foot-long 2x4 for the project.

Paul suggested that the virtual shop tour next month covers dust collection.


Virtual Shop Tour
Paul Krenitsky: Small Parts Storage

Paul introduced contributions showing small parts storage solutions.

Bill Henzel

In order to cram as much as possible into the smallest space Bill built several 4-sided 20x16, 6-1/2 foot tall cabinets with a lazy susan on the bottom that could hold a bunch of commercial plastic storage bins

I have attached my small parts storage system that I design based on the 64- and 24-drawer parts Akro-Mils storage cabinets. These cabinets are all the same size (20" X 16" X 6.5"), and have a variety of drawer sizes. The cabinet is designed to hold these parts cabinets and to have space for 2 plastic stack-able storage bins between the small parts cabinets on the front and back side of storage unit. There are four identical levels and each level holds two drawer parts storage cabinets. The storage system is designed to have a small footprint in the shop and rotates on a Lazy-Susan.

Dennis Stuart

"I use a lot of small plastic storage, some open containers above the bench for things I use frequently. I also use plastic tubs under bench to store project related items such as one tub for drill bits, one for veneering supplies, one for handheld routers and attachments, one for sharpening supplies, etc."


Show and Tell

Jon Kaplan

Jon has continued his Covid woodworking. He used a gift batch of oak flooring that had been degraded by nature over time to make a table top to fit a filing cabinet. He had to re-saw and cut the wood as it had been damaged by rats and moisture. The joinery was accomplished using a mortising machine he had purchased at a BAWA auction. It was finished with Superdeck stain since it will stay outdoors.

Jon also made two little boxes with oak drawers with walnut splines and handles from the leftover oak flooring.

Jon made a compost bin out of what he thought was poplar but turned out to be mahogany, with a leopard wood handle and hand cut dovetails for joinery. He decided it was too pretty to use for compost so he is making a second one out of poplar.


Jon made a 9-1/2 by 13-1/2 inch cutting board as a gift for his daughter. He used maple scraps and inlaid it with teak, cherry, and walnut. It was glued with Titebond III and finished with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax.

Bill Henzel

Bill has been working with small scraps of wood recovered from a backyard strawberry tree that he had to have cut down. It was mostly harvested from the root ball. He has made 5 sets of salad serving forks so far from the material using Lee Valley scrapers to form them. Bill also made a sculpture from left over ellipsoidal scraps for a jewelry box project. He used an Arbortech wheel on an angle grinder to do the carving. The wood was a mix of cherry, mahogany and walnut and was finished with Rockler urethane/oil finish. Jon pointed out some similar work by Jim Perry online.

Tom Gaston

Tom showed 2 side tables he made using book matched maple, 1/4" thick with oyster marquetry. This type of marquetry uses end grain wood. The inlay stands proud at first and is sanded flat later.

Bruce Powell

Bruce made 10 treasure boxes to give away to neighbors, is making more wine glass tables, and is doing a lot of marquetry.

Frank Ramsay

Frank is making a media unit with shelves using frame and panel construction.
He is using 3/4 in. plywood for the sides with rosewood highlights on the sliding doors.
The unit is very heavy.

Per Madsen

Per showed some of his pottery inspired by Greek amphorae.

Minutes by Steve Rosenblum, Secretary