Market Place - Lumber

MacBeath Largest hardwood retailer I know of in the Bay area. Branches in Berkeley and San Jose. Berkeley branch also stocks Baltic Birch and Finn-ply plywoods.

Moore & Newton Quality Hardwoods. Large selection of 4/4 - 16/4 lumber plus hardwood panels. New address: 2115 Williams St, San Leandro, 94577.

Baker Milling Mills, air-dries, and sells local hardwoods in rough-sawn slab form. Gilroy.

Aura Hardwood Lumber 620 Quinn Ave., San Jose, CA 95112, 408-275-1990, - Most hardwoods. Stock fluctuates widely.

Far West Forest Products, Sheridan, CA 530-633-4316 {Note: they are moving mid 2019} Many interesting slabs. From their site: "We offer: Lumber, custom cutting services, portable band saws, blades, sharpening services, sawmill service, tech support, and logging services." and "...over 90% of the lumber we provide comes from within a 500 mile radius of our Sheridan CA location.

FogCitySawyer Located on Bernhard Ave in the Richmond hills. Ted De Gros is a full time arborist who purchased a band saw mill a couple years ago. He has stocked and dried an interesting selection of locally grown lumber. Viewing is by appointment only, times are flexible, weekend viewing is available. Ted is a ISA Certified Arborist WE-9265A, a Certified Treeworker, Climber Specialist 2016-C, and a Certified Tree Risk Assessor CTRA 1180.

Groff & Groff Lumberyard in Pennsylvania with high quality cherry. Even with freight charges, they are price competitive with Bay Area dealers.

Whitethorne Construction mills and dries native hardwood in Humboldt County.

California Urban Lumber mills and sells lumber from trees cut by local municipalities or tree service companies in Northern California. They also do custom Milling.

Whole House Building Supply San Mateo: Offers quality building materials donated or salvaged from area homes and businesses. They conduct material salvage sales at houses slated for demolition or remodeling. Whole House Building Supply works with East Palo Alto non-profits allowing for all donations to be tax-deductible.

Keith Stephens Imports and sells hardwood, and is particularly interested in sustainable forestry.

Global Wood Source

Goby Walnut and Western Hardwoods Porland, Oregon Figured Maple, Walnut slabs and more.

The Woodbank Sells exotic woods from around the world as well as domestic hardwoods for woodworkers and luthiers. Stock Katalox, Granidillo, Chechen, Genuine Mahogany (figured & flat sawn) all FSC. Also have woods like Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Quilted Maple, Reclaimed old growth Redwood, Douglas Fir, and more. 772 Gilman St., Berkeley, CA. 94710, (510)982-0698

Redwood Associates 2388 Buchanan Road, Antioch Ca 94519. Sell reclaimed wood from local and domestic projects, industrial buildings, water tanks, wine tanks and barns. Local woods primarily Claro Walnut but also other locally harvested species like Maple, Oak, Sycamore, Pistache, Madrone. Currently available by appointment only, call 510-914-1093 or