2018 Woodworking Show

Jon Kaplan

Standing clock

Size: 19 in 13.5 in 75 in
Wood: Walnut, Maple, Marblewood, and a little Redwood Homemade plywood, bent lamination, inlay
Technique: CNC, lots of hand work
Finish: Watco oil

"This clock has been three years in the making. I displayed the prototype at the BAWA show in October, 2016, and this is the finished piece (finally!). I find wooden machines fascinating, so building a clock was an appealing challenge."

Coat Tree

Earing box

Size: 11.25 in 9 in 11 in
Wood: Walnut, Oak
Technique: Splined miter joints
Finish: Watco oil
"After years of buying earrings for my wife, I made this box as a Mother's Day gift to help her organize and she what she has."