2018 Woodworking Show

Bruce Powell

Hall table in Elm

Size: 51.5 in 16.5 in 36 in
Wood: Elm from Sonoma CA and Spalted Elm from Tennessee
Technique: Curved joinery on top and skirts
Finish: Multiple coats of polyurethane

"Contained in a load of elm that had been salvaged from a tree cut down on personal property in Sonoma and kiln-dried, were four planks with a beautiful curve in the grain. Normally such planks would never show up in a lumber yard - too much irregular grain - and they would be scrapped. I debated what to do with the planks and finally decided to make several hall tables using these planks as the top in order to show off the rich grain and sinuous curve. This is the larger table."

Jewelry Box with Rose

Size: 14 in 9.5 in 5 in
Wood: Mahogany
Technique: All surfaces hand-scraped with custom-filed scrapers.
Carved rose Finish: Tung Oil

"One of a series made as gifts, I wanted to honor the beautiful mahogany wood. This one has a wormhole in the front base just to remind us of natures' quirks."

Jewelry Box with Marquetry

Size: 13.5 in 10 in 6 in
Wood: Walnut with marquetry top of Silkwood, Purpleheart, Bubinga and Olive
Technique: Top with double-bevel marquetry
Finish: Multiple coats of polyurethanel

"One of a series of jewelry boxes featuring curved tops and joinery. Inspiration is to incorporate sinuous curves in everyday objects"