I recently retired after 25 years in my second career as a wood product manufacturer (the first was in engineering). The product was modular audio video furniture with emphasis on storage for LPs, CDs and tape recordings. My stackable record rack is still popular among LP collectors.

The premise for the business was that people collect recorded music and need storage that can expand as their collection grows – hence modular stackable furniture. Of course now with digital recording technology, all you need is an iPod or a large hard drive to hold your music -- so it was a good time to retire.

The basic design philosophy I have been following, can be described as follows:

Form follows function
Make it simple and light
Use sustainable wood species
Incorporate proven joint designs
Straight lines and square corners
Minimize material use
Use top quality hardware

Per Madsen


Per Madsen table closed

Table with leaves closed

This drop-leaf table was my last project before I closed my production-shop. It's made of red oak left over from my audio/video storage furniture production plus some strips of darker woods scrounged from friends (walnut, cherry, mahogany and a couple of exotics I don't remember). The design is based on an old table I used in my kitchen although the drop-leaf support is my own.

Laminate of mixed woods, predominantly red oak.

Dimensions: 45” wide by 36” deep by 30” tall

Per Madsen table open

Table with leaves open

underside of table

Underside of table showing the bars that slide out to support the leaves

Per Madsen table open

Leaf support extended

detail of leaf support

Detail of leaf support at locked position