Donated Tools Auction


1/2019: Numerous woodworking tools for sale

One of our former members, Gerald Sellars, has donated a variety of tools to the membership.
We will be auctioning them to members with all proceeds going into the BAWA treasury to be used on programs. The price is given for guidance - all proceeds will go towards BAWA funds.

SOLD - Item T1 and T2: Router stand and RouterSOLD

SOLD - Item T3: Dremel 16" throat scroll sawSOLD

Item T4: Dovetail jig, model Reliant Master Dovetail JigEst. value:$40

Includes dovetail bit and instuctions, 13" wide pattern, all metal construction. Appears unused.

dovetail jig

Item 4:Dovetail jig

SOLD - Item T5: Angle grinder, Hitachi model G12SE with wood carving bladeSOLD

Item T6: Orbital sander, Ryobi model RS116Est. value:$40

Used. Comes with selection of sanding discs.

Orbital sander

Item T6:Orbital sander

Item T7: Power painter, Wagner model 242Est. value:$40

Appears unused.

Power painter

Item T7:Power painter

SOLD - Item T8: spiral saw, Rotorzip model SCS01SOLD

Item T9: Set of Sockets, CraftsmanEst. value:$25

Appears to be nearly unused

no pix

SOLD - Item T10: Sander, DeWalt DW 412SOLD

Item T11: Jigsaw, Craftsman commercial model 315.17280Est. value:$35


spiral saw

Item T11:spiral saw

SOLD - Item T12: Drill guide, General model 36-37SOLD

SOLD - Item T13: 10" table saw blade, Oldham 60 tooth finishingSOLD

SOLD - Item T14: corner clampsSOLD

Item T14A: drill and socket setEst. value:$20

Lots of bits.

drill and socket set

Item T14A:drill and socket set

Item T15: full face shields (two)Est. value:$10 each

Bid for 1. Selling separately

full face shield

Item T15:full face shield

Item T16: Stapler, electric Craftsman #68496Est. value:$10

Lightly used


Item T16:Stapler

Item T17: 3/8" drill, Craftsman heavy duty, wiredEst. value:$15

Lightly used

3/8 inch drill

Item T17:3/8" heavy duty drill

Item T18: Detail sander, Ryobi in original box Est. value:$15

Lightly used. Includes extra sanding pads.

Detail sander

Item T18:Detail sander

Item T19: qty 1 wood drillEst. value:$10

5/8" in plastic sheath. Used "once. Others SOLD"

large wood drills

Item T19:large wood drill - 5/8" only

Item T20: trisquare, StanleyEst. value:$5

12", typical, used

no pix

Item 21: chisel, 1/4 inchEst. value:$5 each

Needs sharpening

no pix

Item 22: Knife, 3 1/2" bladeEst. value:$10

folding with switchblade catch. Engraved design. Appears new.

no pix

SOLD - Item T23: Carving chisels and gouges, in canvas rollSOLD

Item T24: drawknife, 10" bladeEst. value:$2

deep rust - will need sharpening

no pix

Item T25: Camping Lantern, ColemanEst. value:$20

New in jacket

Coleman lantern

Item T25:Camping Lantern, Coleman

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