Next Meeting

Sunday 20th October 6.00 pm

Key Speaker: Robert Beauchamp

Robert Beauchamp, our speaker for October 20, will have a slide presentation that will cover primarily his building a set of dining chairs, and solving several knotty problems to get them built. He will also talk a bit on his wood business. And, get this, he is part of a group that climbs Sequoia trees throughout the state on behalf of forestry companies and agencies to collect cones for reforestation. So next week he will be climbing Sequoia trees in the Sierras. And will have a few words to say about that as well. Tallest Sequoia he has climbed is over 250 feet.

Plus Anual Box Contest
Bring one of your boxes to show.
Hint: For the purposs of our meeting boxes are fairly loosly defined,
but wood is definte requirement

Plus Show and Tell

Meeting Location

Bluebird Room
William Walker Recreation Center
650 Shell Blvd., Foster City