The rules: Make something from a 2x4

Here's a few ideas to get you started...

Furniture that uses long and narrow parts. A flower stand, or a floor-standing mirror, or a floor lamp.

Shop furniture. For instance a shop stool, or the draws for a storage cabinet, or a box for your treasured Lie-Nielsen or Krenov hand plane, or a clamp stand, or a sawhorse, or a wooden plane.

Small decorative items. A Krenov-style cabinet, or a wooden skin for your iPad.

Jigs and fixtures. We often see jigs or fixtures at BAWA that could have been made from a 2x4.

Portable seating. Every time the BAWA meeting announcement says "Bring a chair", you could bring something beautiful, not some plastic junk from Costco.

A box. You'd have an entry for the next box contest too.

Prototypes. Try out something you're not quite sure is going to work.

Models: Make a small model of a design before you build the full-scale thing.

Puzzles; (Maybe this is for George Bosworth.)

Kid's toys. Airplanes, doll houses, dolls, noise makers, trucks, pop-guns, skateboards, yo-yo's, etc. Heck, make toys for adults or pets. Why should kids have all the fun?

Scale models. A '57Chevy, a Piper Cub, a trebuchet, your house.

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